By booking a module you are bindingly registered for the exam. If you do not take the exam, it is considered as failed!
In the event of illness, you can submit a request for cancellation up to a maximum of five working days after the date of the certificate of achievement.

Exam dates

In general, you can find the exam dates in the online course catalogue and your instructor will inform about them accordingly.


In our compulsory lectures a repeat examination is offered in the same semester. When you book a module, you are registered for the first examination date as well as for the second examination date if you do not pass the first attempt or have cancelled your registration due to illness. The booking for the repeat examination is made by the Dean of Studies as soon as the results of the first examination are known.
If you do not wish to take the repeat examination but would like to repeat the module in a subsequent semester, you must deregister. To deregister, please use the application "My Applications" in the Student Portal. There you will find the modules for which you are registered to take the repeat examination: You can use "My applications" to deregister without specifying the retake exams you do not wish to take.
If you fail to take the repeat exam without giving reasons, it will be considered a failed attempt. If this is your second failed attempt, the module is considered to be definitely failed after the second failed attempt. Whoever fails an exam twice in one of the compulsory modules will be barred from all subjects that contain that module as a mandatory module.
In the case of elective and compulsory elective lectures, there is no possibility of repeating in the same semester. In case of failed attempts in compulsory elective lectures (subject areas of communication science), you may re-book the module in the following semester. Elective lectures (Further Subject Areas in Communication Science; Research Areas in Communication Science; Research Areas in Communication Science) are offered once and must be substituted.


Procedure for withdrawing from examinations due to illness

In the event of illness you can submit a written withdrawal request up to five working days after the date of the assessment. Fill in this form (PDF, 192 KB) and mail it with the scanned doctor’s certificate to the examination delegate of IKMZ.

No doctor’s certificates are required for elective and core elective modules, as any failed attempt in spring semester 2020 is automatically cancelled.