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Department of Communication and Media Research


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The study of communication science and media research provides subject-specific theoretical basic knowledge and research results as well as in-depth empirical-methodical qualifications of the social sciences.  

 You will acquire theoretical, methodological and organizational competencies during your studies. These will qualify you for application-oriented and operational activities in various areas of modern communication:  

  •  in applied media, communication, market and opinion research  
  •  in the evaluation of communication services and media campaigns,   
  • in organizational communication and public relations   
  •  in media (content) production,  
  •  media marketing and media management   
  •  in education and continuing education in the field of communication  

In the bachelor degree program, you can study media and communication science as your major or as a minor

(As German is the main and required language for the Bachelor programs the links connect to the German sites.)