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Department of Communication and Media Research Science Communication

Management of the Peer-Mentoring Group "MFG - MedienforscherInnengruppe" at IKMZ

The mentoring group pursues two goals: First, opportunities for exchange, support, and networking are offered for especially female scientists. Secondly, by initiating, conceiving and planning independent projects, the theoretical and methodological developments of social and communication science research are to be promoted within the framework of mentoring group activities. 

Runtime: 2019

Funding: UZH Graduate Campus

Participants: Dr. Sabrina H. Kessler (UZH, Leader), Dr. Franziska Oehmer (University of Fribourg, Leader), Dr. Katharina Sommer (UZH, Leader), Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer (UZH, external expert), Prof. Dr. Senja Post (University of Göttingen, external expert)

Total sum: 4,580 CHF